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about us


Rockford Fosgate®. It's a full sentence. It means POWER! It means ATTITUDE! Since 1973, when founder Jim Fosgate put his name on the first real piece of high performance audio equipment built for the car, nothing has been the same.

While the rest of the world was struggling with really bad fashions and shoes that were way too high, Jim Fosgate, working in his garage in Arizona, USA, figured out that an amplifier, and for that matter, a car audio system would have to be dramatically different than what people were listening to in their homes.This meant an amplifier that could run low impedance loads, which meant that it would have to run in stereo and mono simultaneously. These needs then dictated that the amplifier incorporate a MOSFET design, a small detail that was unknown in the world of audio at the time. Wrap all this "technobabble" into the single most important development of the Fosgate designs

While working with a friend, Jim realized that music and the human ear had very different sonic signatures or "curves". Where the human ear had the most trouble [down in lower frequencies at lower volumes] the music made it worse.The solution has been the patented Punch EQ… the ability to add up to +18dB at 45HZ…(Bass Boost) & and/or +12dB at 20kHz (Treble Boost - this is a hinge filter active from 1kHz to 20kHz.)

That’s a lot of control! Things such as car windows, leather, road noise, and even your annoying life mate that never stops yappin'… all benefit from the musical energy that Punch EQ puts back into the system. The sound of THE PUNCH gave Mr. Fosgate’s first customers the impact that their music needed. Now… that PUNCH is the sound of Rockford Fosgate® and you can hear it in everything we make.

Today's Car Audio for Fanatics

Rockford Fosgate® is terrifying to those that don’t understand. Why would a person want thousands of watts of Rockford Fosgate® power in an amplifier that is bigger than most cars are wide? Because sometimes – too much is perfect!

Rockford Fosgate® is ready for the future. We incorporate some of the most state-of-the-art facilities in the audio business. Best of all, our Amplifiers, Signal Processors and Woofers are designed and engineered in Tempe, AZ, USA!

The consistent theme here is not just music or technology but the brilliant use of technology and circuit design to enjoy impactful and passionate music. A real passion for the experience of music. Obviously, Jim Fosgate is still pursuing his dream. He was awarded an Emmy® Award for his work in developing surround sound technology for television. Yeah, this guy has defined himself with music and technology.

our history

1970 -

Concept of surround sound

1976 -

First MOSFET amplifier design

1979 -

First car audio surround processor (Fosgate Gavotte)

1984 -

The first PUNCH® woofer built by Rockford Acoustic Designs (RAD)

1986 -

First Punch Verification Certificate (PVC)

1990 -

Symmetry, the first computer for the car

1996 -

Rockford Fosgate® gets into the source unit business

1997 -

Dolby® Pro-Logic® II decorder

2000 -

First MP3 player for the car (after only four years in the source unit business)

2003 -

Jim Fosgate wins an Emmy®!

2010 -

3SIXTY Patent

2011 -

Constant Power Patent