4-Channel High-to-Low Converter
RF-HLC4 – 4-Channel High-to-Low Converter

RF-HLC4 – 4-Channel High-to-Low Converter



Use the RF-HLC4 high-to-low signal converter to connect 4-channel amplifiers to radios without RCA outputs.

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The RF-HLC4 is a 4-channel high-level to low-level signal converter designed for factory or aftermarket radios that do not have dedicated low-level RCA outputs.  The adapter converts high-level signal from the radio's speaker line and transforms it into a safer low-level audio signal.  This allows you to add a 4-channel amplifier to your system for higher power output and better sound quality.

  • 4-Channel
  • RCA Level Output
  • Speaker Level Input
  • 1 Year Warranty



  • Configuration: Line Output Converter
  • Processor Type: Analog Processor
  • Mounting: Behind dash
  • Signal Input:
    • Front Left & Right +/- leads
    • Rear Left & Right +/- leads
    • Front & Rear ground leads
  • Signal Output:
    • Front Left & Right RCA jacks
    • Rear Left & Right RCA jacks
  • Input Voltage: Up to 10.5V (high-level)
  • Output Voltage: Up to 3V (low-level)
  • Dimensions1" x 3" x 3-1/2" (2.54cm x 7.62cm x 8.89cm)


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